Metal roofing Sydney

Metal roofing Sydney

Metal roofing Sydney

Metal roofing is a roofing method using metal materials and stuff. It is a part of the building’s facade.

Why metal roofing?

Metal roofs safeguard structures. Metal roofing is a quality home product. In fact, aluminium roofs don't require any painting. Metal contractors suggest that the right style of metal roofing complements the design and architecture of a home or commercial building. The home design styles could vary anywhere from traditional to contemporary. And the metal arrangement can be customized, coated with any colour or texture to match the design.

We at Roofing Services, Sydney are aware that residential and commercial metals roofing is one of the most rapidly growing segments in the construction arena.

As one of the leading metal contractors in Sydney, Australia, it is our consistently proven performance that sets us apart. Our metal roof materials are visually-drawing, energy-efficient and low weight. They come in an array of beautiful styles, versatile colours and textures. We have a good presence in Sydney and in major cities in Australia.

For unmatched styles and designs with long-lasting values and benefits that don’t diminish with age or time, it is Metal Roofing Sydney!

Types of metals roofing

  • Tin - A tin roof’s a soft metal that is coated with lead and tin and lasts for several decades.
  • Galvanised Steel - This is a wonderful, rust-resistant, low-cost roofing material that is long-lasting. It is made from alloyed steel with a shielding zinc coat.
  • Lead - This material is often used for roofing in churches and porticos.
  • Aluminium - This is very popular as it resists oxidation and is almost maintenance-free. This metal roof keeps the houses cooler during summer as it is heat-resistant.
  • Metal tile sheets - These sheets are painted or stone-coated with steel.
  • Stainless steel - This is good for extreme weather conditions and comes with a characteristic design aspect.

Advantages of Metals Roofing

  • In cold weather conditions, the metal roofers are hard-wearing and have a glossy, low-friction surface.
  • Environmentally-friendly, recycled metal substances are commonly used.
  • The recycled substance in the steel in a metal roof is roughly about 28% right from the production, setting and up to re-usage.
  • Metallic roofs are long-lasting. They last at least 2-3 times longer than a wood, concrete or asphalt roof.
  • While the typical lifetime of a tarmac roof is about 12-20 years, the average lifespan of a metal roofer is about 40-60 years and more.
  • Some roofing materials like wood, tiles and asphalt get affected by weather-related issues and would have to be replaced soon. Sometimes, concrete-roofs do get cracked and leakages can occur.
  • Metal roofers can also be fixed on any existing roofs. They are easy to install and this reduces any type of wastage.
  • Metal contractors recommend that these roofs are about 50% lighter than an asphalted roof. In fact, it is about 75% lighter than a tiled or concreted roof. Thus, when metal roofers are installed, its weight would never affect the building’s structure.
  • With metal roofers, there are reduced energy costs as these roofs reflect the solar energy and thus helps reduce heating and electricity bills.
  • Metal roofing is by nature flame-resistant as it has a fireproof facade. These roofs also offer great protection against heat, rain, snow, winds and any natural calamity.
  • Most metals roofers come with a minimum 30 to 50 year guarantee.
  • The resale value of your home is markedly increased when you have metal roofs.

Maintenance aspects

  • Most roofing materials rarely require ongoing maintenance. Especially, stainless steel, zinc and copper materials do not require maintenance.
  • If a metal roof is graded as ‘AG’ or ‘Utility’, then it would require recoating when the finish wears off in order to prevent oxidation. Commonly used paints are polyester or acrylic-based.
  • Metal roofing polymer coating does not usually require any form of preservation.

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